Why I’m not visiting other blogs right now

It’s fairly anathema to me to not visit other blogs. I love blogs. I’m now a blogger. If you’re a blogger, you should read blogs. I read them all the time (except right now, with the exception of about two.)

The thing is with me, I sometimes read blogs a little too much. I start reading and don’t come up for air until days later – I’ve managed to make both this and my old laptop crash, usually just the browser, sometimes the whole danged laptop, because I have hundreds of tabs open to blogs. Blogs upon blogs upon blogs. Not necessarily dozens of posts from one blog. Sometimes hundreds of single posts from blogs opened by clicking on one link after the other in a particular blog’s blog roll.

I recently went and did the same thing recently – just this past week, in fact – first with Cracked then BuzzFeed. I had literally well more than a hundred tabs open in BuzzFeed, once or twice of the same tab because after one hundred, you might lose track of which tabs you’ve opened.

BuzzFeed tabs

This is just a small segment of the BuzzFeed tabs I had open…

What’s really pitiful is that I don’t even remember what I read, only half recognizing that some of the tabs I’ve opened were things I already knew about (the tabs I had really been interested in) and others were just little tidbits of information I might find myself sharing with other people later – a random bit of useless information, I call it, that often ends up being fairly useful.

Last week I was feeling ill from the excessive heat – yay, it’s cool today! – and did nothing but read blogs, articles and stories or write gibberish. Then, last night, after I thought I had posted the post I had written, I started opening up BuzzFeed. About fifty or so tabs later, I realized I had forgotten what I had been looking for because, hey look, lil’ bub, and I can’t believe the Eleventh Doctor could make such a touching goodbye  video, and what the heck happened to that cake?! I originally went on to do a bit of “research” for a topic I was thinking of writing about, and had remembered seeing something related to it in passing on a BuzzFeed article. That I ended up staying much later than I meant to because I kept getting distracted by article after article without actually getting anything done was the last straw.

Frankly, this past month had seen more of the same as I had started going through blogs again too, only to lose track of time and end up not writing anything. I’m easily distracted at times, I must admit, but right now, as I’m trying to get over the writing slump that the summer heat had dropped on my head, I can’t really afford to. Otherwise this blog may crash and burn before it really takes off, and I don’t want to fail at this. This blog is supposed to help me get back into my writing groove. I want to share stories, recipes, useful information, and stuff about my cat, because I think he’s just too adorable. Eventually, though, when I get more grounded with my writing, I would like to go back to visiting blogs, and even write about the one’s I visit. I’d really like to hear some direction from my readers – what are you interested in reading about, what would you like to see here, what do you want to get out of this blog?

Hopefully, my blog reading hiatus will be at an end fairly soon. There are so many good, promising blogs out there, and simply not enough time to read them all.


~ by cerridwyn eldritch on July 11, 2013.

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