So I tripped over the dog…

I often walk around the house late at night with the lights out. I feel there is plenty of light coming in from outside (one of the reasons why I need black out curtains in my room, and a door snake tucked down at the bottom of my eastern facing door. The cats are usually in their room at night, and Buttercup, my mom’s dog, if she isn’t curled up sleeping next to me on the couch, she’s curled up sleeping in her pet crate, which she loves taking naps in, even if the door is open for her to be outside.

Monday night after work was pretty much the same as any other night after work – relaxing while I ate my dinner and watching Star Trek – but as I got up from the couch, I picked up the plate from the table I had been eating at to go to the kitchen to make another sandwich. Unfortunately, that got Buttercup excited – she thought I was getting more food, which was true – and darted between my feet.

Buttercup is not a very big dog. She doesn’t even reach my knees. I always worry about hurting her by stepping on her since she’s much smaller than me, and will be nine next month. Sunday night at work I had been talking to another girl while we were cleaning up and she mentioned that the dog of one of our co-worker’s had died. It had been hot and they went for a jog, and the dog, old and fat, tried to keep up with her. It was too much for it. Then the girl talked about how a kitten of hers died. Her mother was walking in the dark, and the kitten was on the floor. Her mother stepped on something, and hoped it was a rat. It was not.

So, tripping over Buttercup, my mind immediately flashed to the dead kitten and dog, and I moved myself so I wouldn’t land on her. I landed wrong, twisted my left ankle and bashed both my elbows, hard, on the tile floor.

I brushed it off, got up, and went to make my sandwich. Big mistake. By the time I was done, my ankles were killing me, I was limping and I could barely move my elbows. Even my wrists and hands ached. To be honest, all of my right arm ached.

Realizing I needed to take care of my ankle and elbows before I next needed to work, I thought I would try typing a bit to see if I could do that. Nope. I could barely get out a sentence before my right hand cramped up and the bones from my right wrist up through my right index finger throbbed. My mom has carpal tunnel syndrome, and I remembered that a small injury followed by lots of typing as her job as a secretary required, set it off. I decided to take the week off of typing.

The limp is gone, my wrists are mostly better – I’m still getting twinges in my right arm and wrist – and feel I can start writing again. Still, bad luck upon bad luck for me, eh? At least I didn’t squish the dog.


~ by cerridwyn eldritch on July 19, 2013.

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