Bookcase planning

So, in a previous post of mine, I mentioned I have some books. Scratch that: a whole lot of books. Lots and lots of them, all over the place. But, I don’t really have space made for them. Just a closet. And I crammed the shelves in there full of books. But, seeing as I have started getting some nicer clothes (because, hey, you’ve got to look professional for interviews when job hunting) I am now starting to need the space in the closet for my clothes instead of books.

In my room, I have a bureau, which really doesn’t get much use for its intended purpose, is taking up a nice bit of space next to my dvd case, which is full of dvds which I admit I still watch quite a bit (for instance, I take movies with me to work and watch on the TV there on my break.) I figure, well, why not get rid of the bureau – you know, put the few items it actually houses into the closet on the shelves which were originally made to hold articles of clothing. I had pulled a bunch of stuff out of my closet recently, trying to reorganize it, and realized that it would really be best for all clothes and shoes I have would be best kept in there, but a bookcase would better serve my poor books. I’ve noticed I had actually purchased a few double copies (whoops!) However, I haven’t seen any bookcases out there that would be a good fit for me. At least none that don’t cost like three hundred or more dollars.

I’m thinking maybe I should just make a bookcase. It can take the place of the bureau – I’ll just get rid of it once I move the items in there to my closet. In fact, I think I’ll make it so it can take the place of the bureau and the dvd case. It can hold my dvds as well as my books. How does a seven foot tall bookcase sound? To me, it sounds awwwwwwesoooooooome! I’m making some sketches already.

Hey, I’ve taken wood shop before – I mean, “industrial technology” – and I did pretty darn well. (Still have the folding stool I made.) Heck, a couple years back I made me this wooden media (read, gaming) cabinet. A really tall bookcase shouldn’t be too hard, right? I’m sure I could make a strong and sturdy bookcase with not too much effort.

I would have taken a picture of the space I’m working on but, well, me being me, I lost my camera. Again. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find it again, eventually.

Hope your space is exactly what you need. I’ve got to go work on mine now.


~ by cerridwyn eldritch on June 19, 2013.

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