T-shirt reuse: Dog shirt

My mom has a small dog who is just about the sweetest dog in the world. She’s already older, about eight years old, and when it gets cold or rainy, not too often in sunny S0-Cal, but more than enough for her tiny joints, she hates having to go outside. She shivers terribly and holds it rather than going potty, and if she feels desperate enough but not willing to go outside, she occasionally goes potty on the rug. Needless to say, we don’t like that, and in bad weather, we will put dog shirts on her to insulate her from the cold and make her more willing to head outside. In fact, with the sweaters on, she does her usual good weather behavior, having to go in and out every few minutes.

With the crazy weather we’ve had lately, sometimes kind of rainy in what is basically summertime here, she has jumped between refusing to go out when she needs to and darting in and out the door when the weather is nice. Therefore, when it’s got a drizzle going, I wanted to put a shirt on her mostly shielding her from rain without being too hot and constricting for this time of year.

I had an old jersey shirt on hand and, after some consideration, made her a lightweight dog shirt for when she had to go out for not so perfect weather. I chopped off the bottom so it wouldn’t cover her tail, cut off the sleeves and also cut off the area that would have gone around her stomach up to the neck as the neck hole needed to be smaller. I sewed the arm holes partially so that she wouldn’t step out of them by accident and sewed up the front so it would cover part of the chest area. It turned out pretty well and Buttercup, the dog, seemed pretty comfortable in it. Too bad it became very hot right after so I just folded it up and put it away for later.

Making a dog shirt out of an old t-shirt

Note: I recommend using jersey knit because it won’t fray. Sorry I don’t have any pics of the construction – I couldn’t find my camera at the time. I’ll upload sketches once I get my scanner to behave.

Step one: Cut off sleeves.

Step two: Decide which part will be the back of the shirt; fold down the middle of it and compare to your dogs body shape. Mark off the section to be removed.

Step three: Cut the shirt to the basic shape, leaving extra for seam allowance. Turn inside out so the right sides are together.

Step four: Sew down the front of the shirt where it would be over the chest area if your dog is smaller than the amount of shirt needed.

Step five: Put the shirt on the dog to compare the size of the armholes to the area actually needed for the leg. If the armhole is considerably larger, mark off on the shirt where you want to sew up to for a comfortable fit. Sew the section together.

Step six: Turn the shirt right side out – your dog shirt is ready to be worn. Enjoy!


~ by cerridwyn eldritch on May 17, 2013.

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