Pepsi Addict

Is there something in your life you can’t ever see you giving up? For some people it’s movies, others sports cars, and others still video games. Then there are those people who can’t give up wine, or beer, or smokes. You know… Addictions. The kind that is hard to give up without help. Likely to have trouble with withdrawal.

I myself, am a Pepsi addict. I didn’t think it was so bad. Yes, I might have had some people annoyed with me – I will only drink Pepsi, and no other soda. True, sometimes if I am at McD*nald’s which only serves coke, I add some Sprite to make it taste more like Pepsi and even then I can tell the difference. I may also drink orange juice, milk (preferably chocolate), grape juice or apple juice, but that is pretty much a once a year event (except for breakfast at McD*nald’s, then I order orange juice with my egg McMuffin and hash browns. I love hash browns.)

Then the other day, while going through some old pages, I came across some homework from back in my high school days, twelfth grade, which was way back in 2001. It was a budget we had to make for independent living – you know, groceries, rent, car payments, gas, insurance, etc. – so we could have an honest assessment of what it took, financially speaking, to live on one’s own. We were allowed to add extra lines for things that were important to us. Some people had lines for hobbies such as bowling and movies, others for beer or cigarettes along with their grocery line. Me? I had a budget line for Pepsi. Seriously.

Realizing just how long this Pepsi addiction has been going on was troubling. To think back further and pinpoint what triggered it was even more disconcerting: braces. I was not allowed to drink Pepsi, starting in seventh grade and lasting until the beginning of tenth grade, because of braces. Before that it was pretty casual. It went from have the occasional Pepsi, to always have soda around the house, to having one a day, to having ten a week – then being cut off so suddenly? Pepsi was pretty much all I thought of those years, and I was desperate enough to sneak some whenever I had the chance.

Once the braces were off, that’s it, I drank nothing else.

So last week, I started to cut myself off. First I drank too much to make myself sick (it was how I stopped my chocolate cravings.) Then I simply cut myself off. I’ve been cranky, crabby – the posts I meant to upload earlier were so angry and bitter I had to stop myself from posting them. I’ve had headaches and the shakes. One day the shakes were too bad and so I had to have one soda. It was enough. It’s been three days since my last one and I’m slowly getting better. Drinking ice cold water (in a Pepsi tumbler, since that seems to help my craving mentally) and keeping an empty box of Pepsi by my chair also seems to ease my distress. It’s been both harder and easier than I thought it would be. The cravings won’t stop though, and they probably never will.


Thank God I haven’t tried drinking anything alcoholic in nature, because I probably would have ended up an alcoholic.


~ by cerridwyn eldritch on April 9, 2013.

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